Tell an Effective Candidate Story

The four most common types of Political direct mail for candidates are:

  • Biographical: Your Candidate introduction and why you’re running
  • Platform & Issues: Presenting your new ideas and solutions to voters
  • Comparison: You vs the other Candidates
  • Call To Action: Getting voters to the polls on E-day!

What is Unaddressed Admail?

Unaddressed Admail is great for sending the same message to a large group of people and is also known as a mail drop. Because it’s unaddressed mail, there’s no option for personalization.

  • It’s one to many and cannot have a specific delivery address
  • It must be sorted for mail walks, usually in 100’s (we do that when we print for you)
  • There are size & weight requirements that apply (we help with that too)

Get started with Political Mail Distribution – reach every mailbox!’s Political Mail Distribution Service lets you reach every mailbox in a specific neighbourhood or region. Send potential voters your flyers or postcards to tell your candidate story.

To explore your options further, discuss rates and develop a Mail Drop strategy, please call us at 416-792-7253 or email us at:, and our production team will get the ball rolling for you!